100 Days on Earth

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Life is but a series of days shaded different colors. Just as the weather exists in flux, so does the spirit, for it is always yearning, always striving. 100 Days on Earth is a collection of prose and poetry that explores the spirit through times of tumult and times of triumph. There are days of War and Peace, where brutality dances with serenity. Days of Respect and Culture, where honor serves as a game piece between the past and the present. Days of Celebration and Struggle, where champagne and blood compete for the same glass. Days of Words and Silence, where sound and stillness besiege one another. 100 Days on Earth seeks to mend the divide between these competing forces. I pray the book finds you well.

3 comments on “100 Days on Earth”

  1. Bringing intelligence back to poetry There's something fickle about poems in the world today, but the level of intelligence and sophistication in this book are things every author should strive for. I haven't read poetry in years, however the layout of this book is engaging and the varying poem lengths encourage you to keep reading. War, Peace, Respect, Culture, Celebration, Struggle, Words, and Silence, each word evokes a different emotion, but in 100 Days on Earth, each one is also a world explored in eight poems. Come along for...

  2. A Philosophical Adventure Through Life As a reader who loves to read poetry, I was eagerly awaiting the release of this book! Each word sucks you into a different journey and really opens up the world we live in. What I love about this book is that it makes you read it multiple times to truly understand the message of each word. This book will really get your mind thinking, and you may find some parts to be relatable to your everyday life. I now have a complete different perspective on life after reading this book and I am certain...

  3. I’m Not a Reader. But This Book Has Me Craving for More I’m going to start off and say this: I’m not a reader. I enjoy a read once in a while, preferably something I can read without hassle, and also something I can relate to. I stumbled upon this book after hearing about it from a friend. He described it as something different, unique, but still relatable. Most importantly though, enlightening. And let me just say he was right. Amazing lines of poetry that make you question and ponder the many happenings in life. Every step of the way, I found...

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