100 Proofs That Earth Is Not A Globe: 2017 Updated Edition

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One Hundred Proofs That Earth Is Not A Globe was Written by William Carpenter in 1885. A Flat Earth Theorist, He Aimed To Educate Others About Why He Thought the Earth Was Flat Instead Of A Globe. This 2017 Edition Is Updated With Facebook and Website Resources.

3 comments on “100 Proofs That Earth Is Not A Globe: 2017 Updated Edition”

  1. He had me at the 99th proof I was finishing up my PhD thesis in astrophysics at MIT when I picked up this book. I thought it would be good for a laugh, but the joke was on me! As I progressed through the proofs it slowly dawned on me that I’d been brainwashed by a vast conspiracy involving NASA, the school system, telescope makers, history’s great explorers, the ancient greeks, and the globe manufacturing industry.I started raising some of the questions to my professors, tentatively at first, and they had no...

  2. My wife bought this. I wish she hadn't. So I see this book sitting on the kitchen table, and I'm thinking, "where did THIS come from?" My wife, of course. It's small, thin, and utterly shallow in content. It's a great way to fool stupid people, with superficial ideas utilizing circular logic, to prove a nonsensical point.So she starts telling me the authors' theories about there being an "ice wall" instead of the North pole, about magnetism and how compasses don't actually work, and other such nonsense. After a little...

  3. Great purchase Kept it in the guest bathroom. It was taken soon after. Need to order a few more for my curious guest

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