A Sailor's Guide to Earth [Explicit]

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3 comments on “A Sailor's Guide to Earth [Explicit]”

  1. The Most Unique Voice Out There Now. An Amazingly Rich Piece Of Music. Very disappointed in all the negative reviews. It's a sad example of the state of music when people just want some one to do the same thing over and over. But to each their own, I guess. I just feel this album is incredible. The songs are great standing alone. And then again, the songs are even better when you listen to the album as a whole. Simpson has really created something special here. All types of music are celebrated here (I almost feel like I'm getting a music lesson listening to...

  2. There aren't adequate words to describe how great this album is... But I'll attempt them anyway...The art of sitting down and listening to an entire album from start to finish, with no interruptions, is presumably one most adults don't do.My brothers and sisters, this ought not be!I bought the latest CD (not the mp3 download but the case with cover art and everything) of Sturgill Simpson's latest album, A Sailor's Guide to Earth. I had been interested in this album ever since a friend shared the cover of In Bloom with me. At...

  3. AMAZING! Wow, I got hooked on Sturgill Simpson's last album. Loved it sounded it authentic country. Now this album takes us to a new level of how awesome Sturgill Simpson is! He is the real deal. FRESH FRESH FRESH! Real Music! Good Stuff! Highly Recommend you check out all of his work and then come back and listen to this and not be totally impressed and a fan if you are not yet.

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