A Year with Mama Earth

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In September, Mama Earth sighs out the first autumn frost, which crunches under children’s feet. Mama Earth looks after nature’s plants and animals throughout the year—singing lullabies to fat bears in the fall, dressing evergreens in icicles in winter, and waking up the crocuses in spring. And in the summer, Mama Earth sends warm sunbeams to her beloved children, so they can play outside and enjoy the amazing world around them.

With enchanting text and radiant artwork, A Year with Mama Earth offers a joyous celebration of nature’s beauty and the changing seasons.

One comment on “A Year with Mama Earth”

  1. A Year with Mama Earth “A Year with Mama Earth” is a stunning lyrical story that allows readers to see the different beauty and changes throughout one calendar year. The book begins in September and flows through each month describing the differences in the earth as the season's change. The text flows smoothly and effortlessly. I loved how the use of figurative language allows readers to make positive connections between the similarities and differences of each passing month. I live and teach in Southern...

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