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Adventures in Middle-Earth Loremaster's Guide Fifth Edition d20 CB7 2301
Cubicle 7
Brand New
Packed full of advice and ideas to help make your Adventures in Middle-earth 5e games awesome, the Loremaster's Guide brings you:
- swathes of invaluable setting information brings Middle-earth to life
- a Middle-earth bestiary detailing the enemies arrayed against your heroes
- fights that feel like those in the books
- advice on creating and running Middle-earth adventures and campaigns
- expanded rules and options for Journeys, Audiences, the Fellowship Phase, character creation, multi-classing and more!

The Adventures in Middle-earth Loremaster's Guide is a must-have for anyone running games in Middle-earth!

Product Features

  • Product is for use in the Fantasy Role Playing game Adventures in MiddleEarth
  • Product Number: CB72301
  • Models and games are supplied unpainted and may require assembly or preparation before play
  • Any scenery, paint, or glue is not included.

3 comments on “Adventures in Middle Earth Loremaster's Guide”

  1. You can DM just fine with just the Player's Handbook A must-have for any potential Loremaster for AiME! You can DM just fine with just the Player's Handbook, but I suggest this book to give the DM some ammo/fuel to create and run more in depth adventures. It has some very interesting sections, especially when addressing resting and adventuring! The product is bound well, the pages are joy to flip through thanks to the art and use of easy to read font. I love it!

  2. Great Resource for LotR D&D, slight book damage -TL;DR below-DISCLAIMER:I'm only give 4 stars because of the slight condition the book arrived in, the book itself is 5 stars imoThe material in the book is excellent if you're planning on being the DM for a game. There are an abundance of resources that make it easy to run, if you're thinking about starting a 5e Middle-Earth (LotR) D&D, look no further.On the condition of the book:I purchased both the Loremaster's Guide (Book in question), and...

  3. Wonderful for the Middle Earth lovers! Lovely book, very helpful to me (a rather novice GM) in running a campaign in Middle Earth. I love the series, its creative - uses the D&D 5e mechanics I'm familiar with, but really puts on the lore and the feel of Middle Earth. Well done!

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