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3 comments on “After Earth”

  1. Explores fear and mindfulness. Yes, it is a good movie. I don't know why this movie got bad reviews. It is an amazing exploration of how fear can shut us down and how mindfulness can help us combat the traumas of our childhood. I guess movies that actually have substance rarely are popular.

  2. Solid entertainment. I have seen this film several times now both rented and on cable. Its a solid sci=fi endeavor. The Smiths delivered a believable combination, and I look forward to Jaden's future projects.Some reviews hammered the weird accents and Will's stiff performance. I think both are believable and consistent for the story.

  3. Kinda good but just ok cuz this is made and paid ... Kinda good but just ok cuz this is made and paid by Will Smith and Will Smith paid for his kid to be in it so it's ehh. Just thinking about what I wrote and the movie as a movie I'm down grading it to 2 stars but still not as bad as Bruce Willis in 2018's Death Wish

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