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Celebrate the colors of children and the colors of love—not black or white or yellow or red, but roaring brown, whispering gold, tinkling pink, and more.

Included in's 2017 list of recommended diverse poetry picture books for kids, this beautifully illustrated book "celebrates the beauty of diversity to the fullest through engaging, rhyming text," commented Charnaie Gordon in her review. All the Colors of the Earth "would be a wonderful book to use in multicultural classrooms in schools."

"How better to celebrate ethnic diversity than to look to children, the hope of the future? This glorious picture book does just that."—Booklist

"A poetic picture book and an exemplary work of art. The simple text describes children's skin tones and hair in terms of natural phenomena and then describes love for these children with rich colors and flavors. A celebration of diversity." —School Library Journal

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  1. My favorite children's book EVER (and that's no small task) I was told about this masterpiece by a dear friend of mine - it is one of her young son's very favorite stories and hers as well. I purchased this book from amazon about 18 months ago (right before my daughter was born) and have kept it on my nightstand ever since. I cannot bear to put this book anywhere else as I love to flip through the pages when the mood suits me - I absolutely adore the illustrations (which are based upon breath-taking canvas oil paintings) and the lyircal verse is...

  2. Unexpectedly, baby's favorite book Here's something I didn't expect - my baby boy adores this book. It's one of a select number of books he will sit and listen to all the way through (he's 11 months old now, and he has been listening to this attentively for at least four or five months). There's not a lot of text on each page, and the language is lyrical, and the pictures are beautiful, and it obviously strikes a chord with him -- he starts squirming part way through Dr. Seuss, but he wants this one again and again. I wouldn't...

  3. Great book that helped a white family with limited exposure ... Great book that helped a white family with limited exposure to other cultures grant a beginning conversation. Now it is time to move out into doing!

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