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The definitive history of Peter Jackson’s Middle-earth saga, Anything You Can Imagine takes us on a cinematic journey across all six films, featuring brand-new interviews with Peter, his cast & crew. From the early days of daring to dream it could be done, through the highs and lows of making the films, to fan adoration and, finally, Oscar glory.

A nine-year-old boy in New Zealand’s Pukerua Bay stays up late and is spellbound by a sixty-year-old vision of a giant ape on an island full of dinosaurs. This is true magic. And the boy knows that he wants to be a magician.

Fast-forward twenty years and the boy has begun to cast a spell over the film-going audience, conjuring gore-splattered romps with bravura skill that will lead to Academy recognition with an Oscar nomination for Heavenly Creatures. The boy from Pukerua Bay with monsters reflected in his eyes has arrived, and Hollywood comes calling. What would he like to do next? ‘How about a fantasy film, something like The Lord of the Rings…?’

The greatest work of fantasy in modern literature, and the biggest, with rights ownership so complex it will baffle a wizard. Vast. Complex. Unfilmable. One does not simply walk into Mordor – unless you are Peter Jackson.

Anything You Can Imagine tells the full, dramatic story of how Jackson and his trusty fellowship of Kiwi filmmakers dared take on a quest every bit as daunting as Frodo’s, and transformed JRR Tolkien’s epic tale of adventure into cinematic magic, and then did it again with The Hobbit. Enriched with brand-new interviews with Jackson, his fellow filmmakers and many of the films’ stars, Ian Nathan’s mesmerising narrative whisks us to Middle-earth, to gaze over the shoulder of the director as he creates the impossible, the unforgettable, and proves that film-making really is ‘anything you can imagine’.

3 comments on “Anything You Can Imagine: Peter Jackson and the Making of Middle-earth”

  1. Not very objective, but not bad... I'm a big fan of Peter Jackson, and I've probably watched the behind the scenes appendices of the LOTR, The Hobbit and King Kong more often that I've watched the actual movies. It's made me wish I were a lot younger so I could go to New Zealand and try and get a job in the movies down there. Given that, it was nice to see that I could still learn some new things from this book. However, I found the tone of the writing annoying. The author obviously thinks Peter Jackson is a genius, which is...

  2. excellent I first read the LOTR books in the seventies and loved them. I personally feel that the movies are actually better than the books, and thus really enjoyed reading this in depth behind the scenes account of all that went into those films. They remain my favorites and I encourage anyone interested to go to New Zealand as I did, and experience that wonderful country for yourselves (I didn't go to hobbiton, etc, while there, just enjoyed the people and the scenery).If you really loved...

  3. Wish he'd written more about behind the scenes from The Hobbit and can't get names straight??? This is a great book, but he really screwed up Luke Evan's name, and didn't mention Lee Pace or Thranduil at all! I loved all the in-depth stuff about the making of the Lord of the Rings, but he scurries through the making of the Hobbit and he makes it plain he doesn't think much of the second trilogy, which disappoints me.He also screwed up the name of the actor playing Bard - it's "Luke Evans," NOT Lee Evans!

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