B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth Volume 4

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The B.P.R.D. continues to lead the defense against the apocalyptic Ogdru Hem from Japan to America, as the team splits up and Kate is possessed. Howards and a team of agents find themselves attempting to liberate a small town that holds secrets from Howards' hyperborean past.

Elsewhere, B.P.R.D. field agent Ashley Strode attempts to purge a demon from a 100-year-old exorcist, utilizing a deadly rite that sends both of them into a spiritual hell and setting her on a path to battling a demon who is kidnapping and eating children.

This hardcover edition collects B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth volumes 10-11, and 14 plus bonus material.

3 comments on “B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth Volume 4”

  1. Best vol of Hell on Earth yet! wow this volume was amazing, it's taken me a couple of issues to get used to this new artists style and while i do miss Guy Davis, i feel like this is the first volume where i finally got completely on board with the new artist.i won't spoil any of the story for you just know it's amazing and wraps up some lose ends from the past, and has without question the most BRUTAL fight scene in any hellboy comic

  2. Goes slow for a bit, the suspense is worth the wait I wish BPRD as a whole would get a bit more, idk, flashy i guess.They have a nice universe but in comparison to Hellboy I never feel like they get any storylines really done.Johann Krauss is my fave so this one did stand out to me, I'm so glad they delve into him more these days

  3. Not in ComiXology app This volume does not show up in the iOS comiXology app. You can read it in the kindle app. I gave it three stars for this reason.

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