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3 comments on “Battlefield Earth”

  1. " A SO BAD ITS GOOD must watch Get a big group of friends together to watch this movie. It enriched our lives whenever anyone asks "What do you want for lunch?" we can all shout back "DO YOU WANT LUNCH!!!!" A SO BAD ITS GOOD must watch!!!

  2. Great subject, but fell flat. Really like John Travolta. I think he's an exceptionally fine actor. However, I didn't care too much for this "Battleground Earth" His acting was top notch, as always, but didn't care for this movie. I didn't like the way the story line was carried out & think it fell kinda flat. Could have used more time developing the characters & more personality & time invested in the main characters, i.e., the young couple & John Travolta's character. Watching the the film, it was hard to relate to...

  3. Bad direction. Bad editing Bad direction. Bad editing. Bad costuming. Bad script. John Travolta acts like a cartoon character which I found greatly distracting. Barry Pepper, Kim Coates and some of the others did a superb job with what they were given, unfortunately they weren't given much to work with.

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