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In the decade following the invasion of Iraq, Private Military Companies become the preferred instrument of foreign policy by Petro-Monarchies in the failed states of the Middle East. Staffed with former SOF combat veterans, Cold Harbor selects, trains and leads armies of local nationals in conventional and unconventional warfare operations. Combat actions conducted by the PMC are not considered acts of war. They are matters of foreign internal defense.

3 comments on “Black Powder Red Earth Yemen [ Book One ] (Volume 1)”

  1. Better than the first installment! The sky is red in this. And it bugs me. But that's my only gripe, and I know how much the BPRE team likes red. You really get your money's worth with issue 1. It's a long comic, with a lot of action scenes. And while dialog is short compared to other comics (there's only like 3 lines of dialog in the first 20 pages), it's real easy to pick up what's happening with the story. The art is really great too. I compared it to the first story arc, and you can see that they've really evolved in the art...

  2. this is another in lnei i really like it and was glad that a graphic novels spec ... this is another in lnei i really like it and was glad that a graphic novels spec ops in third world countries. very well written and excellent graphics to go with story Amazon thank you for having this in stock.

  3. this keeps going better and better As a hardcore OG fan, this keeps going better and better. The art, writting and even print quality. This book introduces new characters in a new timeline, so you don't need previous volumes to understand it, but it is recommended to do so.

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