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Private Military Companies. Petro Monarchs. ISIL. Energy Hedge Funds. Failing States. Civil War. Absolute Chaos. The final chapter of the Yemen series steps into the event horizon of a failed state, ruthlessly reshaped by Private Military Contractors, radical Islamist terrorists and foreign powers, each pushing the conflict toward their own desired end-states for the region. Absolute chaos. Now.

3 comments on “Black Powder Red Earth Yemen [ Book Three ]”

  1. Great story, awesome art. This is an awesome series. Got me hooked from the first set. I wanted to give it 5 stars but Amazon packaged it poorly and it arrived dog eared. Still, looking foward to reading the whole series again.

  2. An Epic Finale to an Intense Tale The third chapter detailing Cold Harbor's operations in Yemen is an explosive and thrilling ending to this latest iteration of Black Powder: Red Earth. The description promises absolute chaos and this story absolutely delivers. Elite Private Military Contractors clash with ruthless ISIL fighters in the war torn streets of Yemen while their corporate overseers make back room deals with the Saudis and Energy Hedge Funds in order to gain profit, influence, and access. The result is a brutal war...

  3. Reality-based and completely vicious I've been following this series and the creators since the original Book 1 and they never cease to impress. As always, great product inside and out. I'm dead set for the game and other content they are rolling out. There is so much detail and they go to painstaking lengths to put reality into their product. Go to the patreon... you wont be disappointed.

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