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The Third Edition of Blue Planet: An Introduction to Earth System Science treats earth science from a systems perspective, showing how the four spheres (lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere) are interrelated. In this edition, significant emphasis is placed on cycling of materials and energy, and interactions among the spheres. The text also places much clearer emphasis on basic science, which can be seen in the reorganization of topics into Energy and Matter chapters, as well as a new "The Basics" feature in each chapter. This edition is also more systematic about documenting human impacts on the various spheres of the Earth system.

3 comments on “Blue Planet An Introduction to Earth System Science, 3rd Edition”

  1. Well written, concise text, with excellent illustrations I used this book for a graduate level course in earth science. It was not required reading, but since I had no earth science back ground, I found that I needed to read a basic textbook in order to understand the journal articles that were required for the course. By the end of the semester, I had read most of this extremely well written book, and felt that in terms of mastery of the course content, I had surpassed even those who had majored in geology as undergrads. I am a very visual...

  2. Great conceptual book for introductory Earth Systems courses I selected this textbook for my Intro to Earth Systems Science course on the recommendation of colleagues. I was very happy with the level at which the book is written, the quality of images and diagrams, a the topics covered. I did not follow the chapters in sequential order - for example, I think it makes more sense to teach concepts of atmospheric convection before ocean currents. The end of chapter problems were also a bit hit or miss. But I was happy with the book and it received...

  3. I am not often happy with textbooks for my classes I am not often happy with textbooks for my classes, but this one included a lot of great information beyond what I needed for the class, and I appreciated it. Great book, well designed, and well made.

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