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3 comments on “Club Spongebob/My Pretty Seahorse”

  1. forever to be epitomized as the best show to come out of the turn of the ... Spongebob Squarepants is a cultural masterpiece, to be held in line with such phenomenon as the Picasso and Renoux. One day, our children's children will learn of Spongebob in their art history books, for to be epitomized as the best show to come out of the turn on the century.

  2. Love the Sponge! Okay, first off.. I got it at the time it said, but it came broken in pieces inside, with discs scratched a bit.It was sad, but fortunately they were nice about it and let me get a replacement. Plus they were quick about it too.Got the replacement today.. Fortunately it didn't come in pieces and the discs are okay.Unfortunately though, the case had some big cracks at the top and bottom.. Which is why I gave it 4 stars.4 stars because I love SpongeBob and they were...

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