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COPIC MARKERS-Copic Sketch. Outstanding performance and creative versatility these markers provide the ultimate solution to design flexibility and artistic liberty. Fast drying alcohol based non- toxic refillable double-ended marker that comes in a vast variety of colors. They are constructed in a unique design for a more comfortable grip and so they will not roll away from you fit into a special airbrush system durable polyester nibs are easily interchangeable and available in 9 different weights and styles. Electronic production guarantees consistency of both color and output precise colored capping system provides for instant color selection. COPIC markers are used by artists and designers worldwide. They are low-odor blend able and for use on paper leather wood fabric faux fur plastics and more. This set includes 6 markers. Imported.

Product Features

  • Outstanding performance and creative versatility
  • Fast drying alcohol based non- toxic refillable double-ended marker
  • Set includes 6 markers

3 comments on “Copic Marker SKST6-EARTH Sketch Markers, Earth Essentials, 6-Pack”

  1. Perfect! This is a great set, Copic Markers are my brand of choice and the primary set is a wonderful addition to my collection

  2. Good My daughter is really into drawing. She had asked for these for Christmas. Of course I was a bit shocked at the price. But you know how the xmas list goes! Anyway...she says they are great. That's good enough for me.If you find it hard to say no to your daughter about these type of requests, then these are good.

  3. Standard Copic markers a good set to start with. Nothing ground breaking for any normal Copic users but if you are new like me you need to start somewhere so I started with the basic set. Gotta start somewhere. They don't bleed thru Strathmore marker paper. The colors are vibrant and I love the brush marker on one end and the chisel tip give you that broad distribution of color. These will definitely bleed thru any coloring book papers so be sure to put at least three to 4 sheets of copy paper underneath it to keep it from bleeding thru on...

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