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All the greatest DC heroes from across time and space join forces to stop a being more powerful than any they've ever faced--a mysterious being known as the Anti-Monitor who has begun a crusade across time to bring about the end of all existence.

First published in 1985, Crisis on Infinite Earths is an unforgettable and defining event in comics history, a 12-issue series that rocked the comics community, tragically dooming some of DC's most beloved characters and drastically altering others.

From writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Pérez, Crisis on Infinite Earths finds the alternate worlds that once were a hallmark of the DC Universe undersiege by a mysterious force powerful enough to wipe out the lives of billions.

Collects all 12 issues of the landmark series.

3 comments on “Crisis on Infinite Earths: 35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition”

  1. Great story One of my favorite graphic novels. I wouldn't recommend it to just about anyone though. It's main flaw is that you gotta at least have an idea, of who a lot of the characters are, to fully get the experience of the story. Fortunately, most characters only make limited appearances and most of the book follows the more well known characters (The Supermen and family, Justice Society/League, Teen Titans, Legion of Super Heroes, etc), however it's makes for better reading to know who the Losers,...

  2. Fiction is the multiverse "Crisis on Infinite Earths" is one of the most influential comic books ever published. It figures, together, an ensemble of characters that reveal its majestic nature and the encompassing scope of its purpose: to re-define the concept of the multiverse, in terms of a fictional re-fashioning of the comic book landscape. DC Comics is famous for its mythology, its emphasis on story as opposed to the action focus of Marvel Comics, and the fact that, its heroes are often paragons of perfection,...

  3. Excellent Blast from the Past I read this first back in grade school. Up to high school I only read Marvel comics. At the time I was already a geeky comic book fan & collector when I became a teenager. I saved $$ from After Summer School jobs & a generous allowance from my parents. (They did believe that being a comic nerd was better than being a gangstered thug) I bought each issue of The Crisis & loved the story. Became a long time DC Comics fan since then. 29 years later I saw this on sale as an eBook and downloaded it...

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