Disneynature: Earth

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3 comments on “Disneynature: Earth”

  1. EARTH: You're Killing It The footage is BEA-U-TI-FUL, but it's shockingly different in style and feel from the other Disney Nature films we own. "Bears" and "Monkey Kingdom" were both very real (telling of dangers, showing fights, and even death) but also light-hearted and story-driven. No lie, "Earth" felt like I was being scolded by Darth Vader because obviously I'm making the Earth die and therefore all of these beautiful animals... I mean, it's true information. The ice caps are melting...

  2. Great, but not for young kids. The footage is amazing - whether it is re-used or not. The stories are utterly captivating and absolutely heart warming. However, I would not want my young kids to see this film, because, just as happens in nature, there is a lot of death of animals. Death is a part of life, but it's not a part that I would want my young kids to begin thinking about. So I'd rather have them skip this movie for now, but any adult who sees it will love it!

  3. Review For Mrs. Belin's 4th Period ES Class J.C.H. This movie was great, I loved everything about it, like how they put the entire circle of life into it, and showed just how harsh nature really is. I also liked the narration, it was a voice you didn’t get annoyed with, 3 minutes into the movie. The time lapses were crazy! As well as the super slow motion scenes. I also liked how they followed the families of animals through each of their journeys. From the elephants, to the cranes, and the polar bears, to the whales. Another thing about this...

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