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There’s hardly anyone in the world more down-to-earth than Jesus. That sounds far-fetched because, well, Jesus is God. But read the Gospels and you find Jesus telling stories that ring true from beginning to end, stories you can immediately identify with, stories that make you go “hmmm.”

In Down to Earth we learn that these stories are different from the stories we tell each other―these are stories intended to change your life. They’re soul stories―stories that get inside you and linger there, stories you start to find yourself living into. And when you do, you and the world around you are transformed for good.

3 comments on “Down to Earth: How Jesus' Stories Can Change Your Everyday Life”

  1. Love this book about putting the parables into practical ministry. I love this book. Very helpful Tom.

  2. Tom Hughes keeps the main thing...the main thing. Too often I think we get sidetracked with opinions about God and lose focus on the main thing: Jesus. Tom Hughes uses the teachings of Jesus to show us today how relevant and necessary God's grace and love are in our daily life. I am prone to leak grace and allow the stuff of life to clutter my faith. I deeply appreciate Tom's writing style and the way he makes the parables of Jesus accessible to each one of us. I recommend this book whether you are on a journey to understand faith, are new...

  3. ACCESSIBLE JESUS ...or DOWN TO EARTH This is a great introduction to Jesus and his teachings through the parables. Easy to read, very useful in better understanding who Jesus is. A great primer for anyone curious to know about Christianity and its leader.

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