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3 comments on “Down to Earth”

  1. A remake of "Heaven Can Wait" This is a direct copy of Heaven can Wait from 1978, starring Warren Beatty. Guy taken to heaven too soon, comes back and enters the body of a rich guy killed by his wife and her boyfriend. Storyline is the same. Kind of wondering why it wasn't called "Heaven can Wait" if the storyline is the same? I prefer the Warren Beatty version but Mr. Rock does a good job. Mr. Rock is not the polished actor but as a comedian he delivers an enjoyable movie. Not great but it will not waste your...

  2. Funny if uneven movie that is basically a remake of ... Funny if uneven movie that is basically a remake of Heaven Can Wait. Chris Rock is extremely likable in one of his early movie roles. Sometimes the movie is uneven, but when it works it really works. The supporting cast is wonderful, and makes a huge difference in the film overall.

  3. Entertaining romantic fantasy. Given the premise of the story and ignorance of other versions, I didn't expect much. I was pleasantly surprised by this generally well-constructed, sometimes humorous, sometime grim, romantic fantasy. Most main and several bit actors are quite good. Acting by the tycoon's cheating wife and her lover is weak, but their script is also weak in comparison with the remainder.

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