Dynamic Earth

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3 comments on “Dynamic Earth”

  1. Elegant This show was a couple of years old by the time I watched it on Prime Video, but I still was astounded by the graphics. The power of computer modeling has taken a giant leap forward, helping scientists visualize these somewhat abstract concepts. The narration spells the visuals for the layman. I made my teenage son watch it because I think it has educational value. It is more current than the old, and sometimes wrong, science he is taught in American public school. He was bored and fidgety due...

  2. interesting and informative - great visuals interesting and well done... hope to see more. thanks amazon

  3. It was pretty good It really is done pretty well. It's mostly computer generated, and it's pretty good. These types of shows get obsolete pretty quick, you have to watch new ones to get the current theories.

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