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With its strong focus on readability and illustrations, this trusted best seller makes an often-complex subject more accessible for readers like you. It offers a meaningful, non-technical survey that is informative and up-to-date for learning basic principles and concepts. For the Tenth Edition, the text’s design and figures have been updated, and the chapter on climate change has been revised significantly.

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  • copyrigght 2011, 10th edition,Authors: Edward J. Tarbuck,
  • Dennis Tasa,ISBN:978-0-321-66304-7
  • Author: Frederick K. Lutgens

3 comments on “Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology (10th Edition)”

  1. Not just a text book An interesting text book. Interesting even for non students, but for ordinary folks interested in how the planet works.

  2. An excellent and very thorough introductory text. This text covers a lot of material, and manages to do so quite thoroughly and even fairly readably. It is a useful textbook for any "Intro to Geology" class, and would even be useful for someone interested in exploring the subject on their own, outside of a classroom.

  3. Awesome pictures, dry read. This book has tons of pictures and diagrams. (In a geology class, this is very helpful and I love pictures!)At the beginning of each chapter a "how this relates" story is about the best read in the book. Most of the chapters are reasonably dry but full of factual info. Geology majors will like it, all others may have some difficulty making it through a chapter.

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