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3 comments on “Earth Day Girl”

  1. Okay, but for 8 year olds and up My kid loves this show. I think it's just okay.I don't find that it's teaching many words. That's kind of odd since that's the whole premise of the show. There is some of that, but it's not a ton.The lead character "Word Girl" has some questionable tactics for solving problems as well. I'm not one for showing my kids that pushing and shoving is a good part of problem solving.But I do like a confident and strong female hero as the star of the show. For...

  2. Educational and entertaining 5 stars to the show. It's great for young and old. Educational and entertaining.Very disappointed with Amazon charging for episodes of other seasons. This is/was a PBS show. Public. And even though we pay annually for Amazon Prime, we often see the shows we watch end up with extra charges to watch.

  3. Hooray for Word Girl! My granddaughter's vocabulary has greatly improved watching Word Girl but she is so engrossed into the story that it never seems like a lesson to her. Also the main character is faced not only with villains but with the same day to day decisions any child would face. As much as it teaches the kids the meaning of words, it teaches kids how to socially interact — a dying art in this age of technology.

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