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3 comments on “Earth Day”

  1. A climate change film that fails to mention a top contributor. This documentary spent most of it's time on transportation and fossil fuels and mentioned nothing about animal agriculture. You know, the one thing that is worse for global climate change than ALL transportation emissions combined. Sure it's great to carpool or ride your bike, but what you put on your plate is much more impactful to our planet. They talk about rainforests being cut down and deforestation causing extinction, but then don't say anything about why this is happening. Again,...

  2. Give one hour to your children and students and let them decide for themselves if they can or want to make adifferwnce I enjoyed the way this movie is laid out. Many people who don't listen to science and would typically be misinformed regarding climate change and humanities connection could be persuaded by the approach of the authors and producers. I would use this documentary in schools for an introduction to earth science.

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