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The result of a five-year airborne odyssey across five continents and 60 countries, Earth from Above is the most revealing and spectacular portrait of our world ever created. From a heart-shaped mangrove forest in New Caledonia to a flock of red ibises in Venezuela, from a caravan of camels in Mauritania to Mt. Everest and Mammoth Hot Springs, renowned aerial photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand presents striking color images that put our home planet in a whole new perspective. Produced under the sponsorship of UNESCO, the book is also a documentary record of the state of the world's fragile environment.

This vibrant new edition of the internationally acclaimed original features an updated design and nearly 60 stunning new photographs. All new captions and the addition of authoritative new texts by experts in various environmental fields illuminate Arthus-Bertand's monumental achievement.

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  • Harry N Abrams

3 comments on “Earth from Above, Third Edition”

  1. Sumptuous and Sublime Images In Prague last summer there was an outdoor exhibit of a few dozen of the images from this book. I think they were about 4-5 feet wide. I wasn't aware of the work of Arthus-Bertrand before. I returned twice more to look at them. The massive book was on sale but for about 100 euros. The price plus the weight deterred me from buying it. So when I saw it on amazon recently for less than half of that price, it was a no-brainer. The production quality of the images is high. The fold out...

  2. So much beauty around us we don't notice The author has been able to collate in this book amazing images that will take you many coffees to sit and go through.This isn't a tiny book.If you want to exercise then this is a hefty book that is worth its weight.The images taken from all over the planet aren't just of pretty clean items but the author has been able to show beauty in even the ugliest of images. This will be a book your friends will want to borrow and possibly keep, if you lend it to them...

  3. Fantastic views of the earth from above. I have bought three copies of this book, one for me, and two for gifts. It is full of wonderful images. I was introduced to it by an artist who used the images as inspiration for some of his work. I know that another copy was bought by a friend who'd seen it while visiting.

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