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3 comments on “Earth Girls Are Easy”

  1. NOT CINEMASCOPE AVOID! Terrible cropped print of what was a cinemascope masterpiece. It's still fun and crazy, but it is NOT the theatrical version - missing a third of picture.

  2. so funny This movie is hilarious. My sister and I agreed that anyone who's interested in marrying either one of us someday, must watch this movie. If they can't appreciate it, it's a deal breaker. The breakups will be rough, but honestly who can compete with shirtless alien Jeff Goldblum anyway?

  3. Very good, but not great comedy I almost loved Earth Girls Are Easy, but it never had that hilarious laugh out loud moment, or several which would have been even better. That said, it is funny and has a lot of great and memorable scenes. The cast is fantastic. I wasn't expecting it to be a musical which was interesting. It doesn't really improve or detract from the film, but it was unexpected for me at least. I would have preferred the film makers focusing on putting some really funny scenes in instead, but the musical parts...

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