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3 comments on “Earth in 1000 Years”

  1. Misleading headline - the future is only mentioned in the last 5 minutes. An interesting documentary with plenty of information on the arctics - but only in the last 5 minutes does the topic of the future even get a mention. Would have been better titled - "Recent history of the polar caps melting" since that is what this documentary really spoke of.Not going to ask for my time back - but disappointed at what this documentary fails to deliver.

  2. Skip this one, zero validation, 120 percent "End of the World" panic babble ! Narrator was so slow and repetitive with his "scientific guess-timates", he made the guy in the old, "Clear Eyes" commercials sound upbeat and perky !!! I shut it off after only watching 1/3rd of it. Once I realized they cited zero scientific, peer reviewed, and published papers from recognized validated experts, the entire show took on less validity than an article published about "Alien Abductions" from The 1960's issues via "The Enquirer or Globe" !!! Just...

  3. I think this is great movie. Lets see... the title seems to be a big point with a lot of people... but if my eyes don't deceive me the title is: Earth in 1000 Years.... The Drama of Melting Ice Sheets.The drama of melting ice sheets is all about sea level rise. This movie is not about water rushing into cities and people screaming and scrambling to higher ground.This movie gives you information, facts, and data about how the ice sheets are melting and the implications of that melting on the rise...

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