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Art Wolfe’s definitive opus, Earth Is My Witness represents forty years of expeditionary photography. For the first time, Wolfe presents the three subjects at the heart of his work—landscapes, wildlife, and cultures on the edge of extinction—in a single masterpiece that takes us through the world’s ecosystems and geographical regions in a vivid display of the fragility and interconnectivity of life on Earth, while simultaneously exploring his evolution as an artist and the techniques he uses to capture the nuances and rhythms of nature.

Earth Is My Witness is the most extensive collection of Art Wolfe photography ever compiled. This lavishly produced work spans the globe, bringing the beauty of the planet’s fast-disappearing landscapes, wildlife, and cultures into stunning focus. Containing unpublished work from throughout Wolfe’s widely celebrated career, Earth Is My Witness offers a riveting and comprehensive look at the world’s ecosystems and geographical regions. Here Wolfe presents an encyclopedic selection of his photography along with intimate stories that exemplify his boundless curiosity. From the rich sights and smells of the Pushkar Camel Fair to the exact moment when a polar bear and her cubs leave their Arctic den, these images represent what Wolfe has lived for: moments when circumstance, light, and subject miraculously collide to form an iconic image. These photographs and the stories behind them explore the delicate interconnectivity of life across our planet.

Setting the stage for this fascinating journey is award-winning author Wade Davis. Together, photographer and author present a world that borders on the fantastic but is all the more precious for its fragility. At the heart of Wolfe’s work is the appeal for environmental, cultural, and wildlife preservation, which he makes with beautiful, far-reaching precision in this definitive opus.

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  1. Stunning Photographs - Very High Quality Book As a longtime fan of Mr. Wolfe, I have purchased several of his technique books, but haven't purchased any of his work directly. When I read about this book in Outdoor Photographer, I pre-ordered it immediately and received it a few days ago. I spent a couple of hours going through it this weekend and I am amazed at the quantity and quality of the photographs and the book itself. The construction is excellent with heavy binding and paper, and the printing is superb. The colors are vibrant...

  2. A wonderful piece on my coffee table This book is a gem for photography. The binding and the large size layout are excellent and the print paper is of good quality. Each picture is well printed with great resolution as it should be. For each chapter, the author wrote about the history of how he came about to taking these trips and how his interest developed over the years. So it is also a mini-story book of Art's photographic journey. What I like the most is the Photo notes at the end of the book. These notes described not...

  3. Stunning collection of gorgeous images of our planet and people. This a a gorgeous book, both in terms of images and printing and finishing. Several of the images are classics that have become iconic for anyone interested in photography, especially nature and landscape, as well as people. The printing is also excellent, and it makes a difference seeing them in large format on paper.Be warned, though - it is heavy (and worth every pound!).

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