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3 comments on “Earth: One Amazing Day”

  1. i love the BBC earth collection i love the BBC earth collection , i have every edition offered. I bought this as soon as it was released. What a shame. All it is is basically a best of clips show from past BBC earth shows going back over 10 years in some cases. Some might like, but not good if you have these medias already

  2. Dolby Vision + 4K looks amazing but as said by other reviewers Dolby Vision + 4K looks amazing but as said by other reviewers, really disappointed in the reuse of old footage. Considering that the people who will probably buy this are the same people buying the other “Earth” productions, i would think they’d give us fresh content.3 stars for quality.

  3. Highly recommend for that purpose There is some rehashed content on this disc, but please realize this is in Dolby Vision + Dolby Atmos package, where as none of the past material is in that container, if you have a setup to run this content, this is a demo disc in that case. Highly recommend for that purpose. I have Panet Earth 2, but for $20 I want to see how the Dolby Vision holds up.

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