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Chic, modern styling and lovely textures make this bootie one of our absolute favorites this season-with plenty of stretch for a perfect fit.

Product Features

  • Genuine leather upper
  • Hidden stretch material for a secure fit
  • Cushioned arch-supporting footbed
  • Power Path system guides the foot along its natural path

3 comments on “Earth Origins Anika Women's Black 8 Medium US”

  1. Thèse boots are cute and comfy! I was recently diagnosed with metatarsalgia which means my beloved high heels are on an indefinite hiatus. Fortunately, I found these adorable boots that met podiatrists heel parameters. I ordered my usual size, @ 7.5, but even without my latest foot accessorized metatarsal pads, they felt a bit snug, so I returned and ordered a size 8 and they were perfect. I am in new territory, so I don't know if the boots are true to size under normal conditions. I LOVE these boots. I wore them around the...

  2. Love these boots! I'm so glad I found Earth Origins boots. They have decreased my plantar fasciitis pain dramatically and they're cute boots too!

  3. Run slightly small and narrow Handsome boots with good insoles that have arch support. They run a bit small. I'm actually a 10.5 but no one seems to make that size even though FEET come in that size. As such, sometimes a 10 is slightly small, especially if the toe is narrow. This boot toe is pointier than some so the size is a bit tighter. If you run larger than a 10, size up. They also seem a bit narrow. Since I have a narrow-medium foot, they do fit me but if you run slightly wide and long, definitely watch out...

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