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Innovative and up-to-dateā€•the number one Introduction to Geology textbook.

The Fourth Edition of Earth: Portrait of a Planet provides the perfect balance between an authoritative, yet accessible text and a stunning narrative art program. This makes it the book of choice for instructors and students, who all have their own diverse styles of both teaching and learning. The Fourth Edition of this best-selling text constitutes a major revision, packed with recent updates and new features such as beautiful and innovative narrative figures, stimulating inquiry-based pedagogy, a tightened core narrative, hundreds of new photographs, and coverage of hot topics, like the March 2011 earthquake/tsunami that devastated Japan, the rare element crisis, the shifting price of oil, and the recent tornado outbreaks.

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3 comments on “Earth: Portrait of a Planet (Fourth Edition)”

  1. An excellent choice for anyone interested in earth science This book is well-organized and very clearly and interestingly written. I am a senior citizen taking a geology class, and this book presents the material in a manner that sustains my interest and explains the fundamental concepts and ideas very well. I would recommend it to anyone wishing to deepen their understanding of our planet.

  2. Really good to understanding an introduction to geology for my Dynamic ... Really good to understanding an introduction to geology for my Dynamic Earth class. The questions on the back of each chapter helps understand what are the important points of a particular chapter. Text wise, it is very descriptive to the point that I understand very complex material I have not encounter before in consideration of Earth dynamics. Detailed images are also key to explaining complex material, but there was one diagram (pg.99 Figure 4.13 (b) ) that was little bit off as pointed by...

  3. An excellent all around geology textbook This is an excellent basic level geology textbook! It is one of the few textbooks that I have actually enjoyed reading, and trust that I have read many textbooks over the course of my education that I am able to make that comparison.While most textbooks are relatively dry and painful to read, with Earth: Portrait of a Planet I have read chapters that were not required for class just because it was so enjoyable.After I completed my introductory level geology class that...

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