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Earth: The Definitive Visual Guide is an extraordinary survey of our planet produced in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution.

This stunning reference includes detailed, illustrated information about everything that makes up our planet, from Mount Kilimanjaro to the Antarctic ice sheet, as well as descriptions of more than four hundred of the Earth's most significant, unusual, greatest, and most dangerous features.

Specially commissioned new 3-D digital artwork provides a striking, informative guide to the features of our planet, explains the scientific processes that govern our world, and looks at the complex relationship between humans and the natural environment while providing a thought-provoking assessment on the state of the planet.

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3 comments on “Earth (Second Edition): The Definitive Visual Guide”

  1. This book is, quite simply, a treasure! You can't get a better introduction to Earth sciences than this. It is told by way of the history of earth itself, starting with the Big Bang. It is beautifully designed, so that even a single pair of large pages offers a wealth of thought provoking information. Photographs, diagrams, history, text, are used in a consistent way for all of the many topics covered. The book has a detailed index, as well as in-chapter cross references. It also has something you almost never see--a to-scale...

  2. Incredible book with amazing photos! This is an incredibly beautiful book, and it is full of fascinating information about the world we live in. Though I bought this as a resource for homeschool, I have spent quite a bit of time just looking at it and enjoying it on my own. It's too advanced to teach from for second grade, but the pictures can speak to anyone if any age, and it will still be good in a few years for teaching. I highly recommend this book to anyone. You will not regret the purchase!

  3. Excellent reference! Yet another excellent reference from DK publishing and the Smithsonian Institute. I grew up with DK books covering various disciplines such as science and history as a child and I am quite certain that my children will now enjoy the full color illustrations and vast wealth of information these books provide.

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