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3 comments on “Earth Songs”

  1. Fantastic Collection for nature lovers I had a cassette tape of this when I was a kid in the 80s, when environmentalism was really in. I loved it so much, so when I found this album, I was so excited. I still absolutely love the songs, though some might view them as a bit sentimental.It helps that I just came back from Alaska, and am in love with the place. As John Denver asks, "American child, does the call of the wild ever sing through the mists of your dreams?" My answer is yes. If yours is too, then buy this...

  2. I like anything I have heard by John Denver, so I like this one, too I honestly cannot give an unbiased rating, because I have never heard anything sung by John Denver that I did not like. I liked all the songs on this CD, too.

  3. I am thoroughly satisfied! This product arrived on time and was exactly as it was described. I am thoroughly satisfied!

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