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This book is like nothing you have read before. It will completely change how you perceive the Earth.

Humanity’s understanding of Earth throughout history is filled with a series of awakenings. We once believed the Earth was flat; stationary; and the center of the universe; over time we learned otherwise. Today we hold onto the belief that Earth is merely a compilation of dirt and rock. Our past experience shows us; though; that our perception of Earth needs to be fluid; open to change.

Earth Speaks Up brings you to our next new wonderful awakening: knowing Earth as a sentient and communicating being. An Earth who is eager to consciously connect with you and with all of humanity. Through this book; Earth and the angelic realm become your teachers; providing the wisdom; guidance; and tools to help you:

Learn to attune to Earth’s voice and vibration Connect to the beneficial energy and wisdom which is Earth’s essence Gain insights on Earth and the Sacred Feminine; the deeper meaning of the Solstice; the creative energy within rock formations; and many other aspects of who Earth fully is Understand more about what global warming is; what is driving our weather patterns; and how you can initiate change Learn a dynamic new pathway for co-creating in partnership with the Earth and the angelic realm  

This groundbreaking book shows that we each have an important role to play in the health and well-being of our planet. The simple yet profound exercises will enable you to work together with Earth in an extraordinary new way. How you respond to things that concern you; from climate change to caring for your own backyard; will completely change. You will develop a new and deeper relationship with Earth; a relationship that will benefit and change you individually; as well as benefit and change our world.

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