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3 comments on “Earth System, 3 Edition”

  1. Grayscale, but OK This is a foreign printing. No color photos or figures -- all are grayscale, which doesn't seem to be a problem. Very comprehensive text with lots of detail about how the earth works. Highly recommended. It's also a great bargain compared to the US, color, versions.

  2. The book is not colored ! The main problem with this version of the book is that it isn't colored like the original, and lots of graphs in thebook use the full color spectrum. And it is pretty hard to view and understand the graphs in just gray scale.

  3. A fantastic overview of the climate system A fantastic overview of the climate system. Although there are many aspects that are clearly designed for those pursuing a scientific degree, it has been extremely useful even for someone (like myself) whose science training didn't go much beyond high school. The book is especially good for anyone seeking deeper knowledge around climate change issues.

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