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Steven Stanley's classic textbook, now coauthored with John Luczaj, remains the only book for the historical geology course written from a truly integrated earth systems perspective. The thoroughly updated new edition includes important new coverage on mass extinctions, climate change, and Proterozoic history, plus a range of interactive studying and teaching tools.

Congratulations to Steven Stanley
Dr. Steven M. Stanley is the recipient of the 2013 Geological Society of America (GSA) Penrose Medal, the Society’s highest honor. This medal, which is awarded for eminent research in pure geology, was presented at the GSA 125th Annual Meeting & Exposition.

3 comments on “Earth System History”

  1. would make an excellent reference resource Very comprehensive treatment of subjects and matters, much of the details are made clearer. Very well illustrated, would make an excellent reference resource.manual. If you want to learn more about PLATE TECTONICS, this is the book for you. It treats the understanding of continental drift principles. I believe this is a higher level of understanding the evolving development of the earth's systems from the beginning to now, the authors did a magnificent job in presenting this advanced textbook...

  2. Made a difference! Really enjoyed this book (was a textbook for one quarter of classes) and was disappointed when we didn't use all of it! Concepts are explained quite well and lots of pictures and graphs to ease you into all the abstracts you may find yourself reading later if heading into the sciences. I used this as a personal resource as well to help me with concepts we weren't working on in class (research within research, lol!) but I had questions about nonetheless. Well written and easy to read 🙂

  3. Good introductory book for geology buffs Good introductory book for geology buffs. I got it for class and ended up reading it cover to cover, it's so good!

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