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3 comments on “Earth: The Inside Story”

  1. Our unstable earth explained A most relevant documentary, given the recent earthquakes that have plagued Japan and Ecuador. The program does a very good job of explaining plate tectonics, particularly the physics of subduction. For geology aficianados, it's worth a look.

  2. Easy to understand overview of earth's complete history This is a simple, well produced, understandable narrative of the complete history of our planet. Most of this we should have all heard in school, but this has been updated with current scientific understanding and theories. This focuses on the interaction of plate tectonics and atmosphere. This slips by all current politics and states only what science currently observes.Pro: Comprehensive and current.Con: High-school level information.

  3. Hard to Believe is PBS Doc, Uses Old Theories Worst quality PBS doc I've ever seen and doesn't seem like one at all. Has a computer sounding narrator. They also present the molten early Earth theory, which was pretty effectively countered with new moon rock analysis in 2008 or so, and this doc is from 2014, so not the most current. Otherwise it is short and just ok, but how to know how current anything is?

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