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3 comments on “Earth to Echo”

  1. Its cute. I just watched it last night and I think its a cute movie that a family could watch. Its mainly about these three boys. They live in this development that all the families are being forced to move. A highway is going up in this area. So these three boys have something happen to their cell phones. They get like a picture of a map on their phones. So they find this place is in the desert, close to where they live. So for one last adventure they decide to see what it is. What an adventure they...

  2. An unexpected gem I discovered this movie on Netflix by accident. My son was having a bad day and I just needed his to sit down for a minute. On a whim I chose this movie and called my son out and told him to sit down and watch. We were transfixed. There are so many wonderful moments in this movie. I enjoyed it as much as he did.My son is eight and this was the perfect film for him right now. He likes it so much I bought him his own copy for Christmas. It's a great young man buddy movie.

  3. Heartwarming E.T.-like Docudrama With CELLPHONES This was much better than I expected, and my 11 year old son LOVED it. We watched it again the next day. It is done sort of as a documentary from the kid's perspective, and has a lot of emotion, sentiment, friendship and loyalty elements in it. It's a bit like ET, but different enough to make it entertaining. My son would give it 10 stars if he could.

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