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Three enemies...two sheriff...BOOM!

For Sheriff Duke, the danger has reached the final countdown. Captured, tortured, beaten, but undefeated, it's 60 seconds to midnight, and the only way to save his wife and daughter is through the fugitive he left home to hunt.

But the real enemy isn't what they seem, and the history of the forgotten Earth is about to be rewritten.

Will any of it matter if there's no one left to read it?

The thrilling conclusion to the Forgotten Earth series.

3 comments on “Earth Undefeated: Forgotten Earth, Book 4”

  1. I read the whole series The series, and this last installment, in particular, gets four stars because of editing gaffes. My personal annoyance in any of these "professional" works. I also question why it is so important to use so many specific measurements, but that's just me.As to the story as a whole, I found it attention catching. Of course, my favorite character was Hayden Duke, so I was always more interested in what was happening with him. Nathan Stacker holds promise and I would like to see how he...

  2. A well-written page-turner with sci-fi mystery This was an incredible series. This author knows pacing and they all keep you turning the pages. I've read the first three books and then these four in a matter of several weeks. I'm dying to know what comes next with the expanding story behind the trife and that whole side of the Forgotten Earth universe.If you like compelling characters, exciting action, wildly cool technology, and a heart-thumping mystery, you'll like this.These latter books deal much less with the...

  3. Others are real This book 4 was the highly anticipated ending to a fantastical read of great science fiction.ending are sometimes boring and dreadful but that's certainly not true of Earth Undefeated. This whole series of novels should be made into a mini series for tv. I loved every minute of the chaos and middle. The characters were true heroes and became lifelike to me. I wanted them so badly to succeed. Even though I thought they would win it was fun to take the journey to the end of the great mystery...

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