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3 comments on “Earth Vs. The Spider”

  1. Fun from the fifties I first saw "Earth vs the Spider" as a child when my mother took my cousin and me to the movies. What possessed her to do so eludes me to this day. As a boy I was terrified. Now to see it again on DVD brought back many memories. The movie is not so scary now, I am 65, but it is just as much fun. For big bug movies from the 1950's this was not badly done at all. I have never seen the "War of the Colossal Beast." Maybe it would have helped to have seen the first movie since this was a sequel...

  2. Excellent sci-fi movies. Excellent DVD disc of two classic sci-fi movies. I remember these films on TV when I was a child. Quality of the prints is excellent. Love the two movie releases of classic films onto one disc. Would love to see these two classics out onto Blu-ray. Would buy from this company that had produced this disc again.

  3. Nice double feature I recently purchased this sci-fi double feature from amazon, and am quite pleased with it. My only real dissapointment with it is that it contained no special features (or "goodies" as I like to call them). Just the 2 movies and that's it! It would be nice, of course, to have at least a short documentary about the films and the original trailers, like they do with other DVDs. (Hard to believe they didn't include trailers!) This is the only reason I gave this DVD 4 stars and not 5. Other...

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