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A new world is being born. It is founded upon love and higher consciousness, instead of fear, hate, and greed. This new world is gaining ground, becoming stronger, yet it also needs its protectors during this precious and important time of birth. Earth Warriors are the guardians, guides, and way-showers for the new world, inspiring its people to prosper and thrive in harmony with the wisdom of life.

Defying convention and living from the heart, Earth Warriors urge the human race forward with enormous positive energy and a passionate desire for meaningful contribution and sacred purpose. Willing to shake things up for the right cause, the Earth Warriors bring truth out of darkness, when others who trade in fear would wish to keep it hidden. The Earth Warriors Oracle taps into universal tribal wisdom and pure spiritual guidance to empower your soul with courage and optimism. This deck is an invitation to discover the Earth Warrior within and fulfill your sacred purpose.

3 comments on “Earth Warriors Oracle: Rise of the Soul Tribe of Sacred Guardians and Inspired Visionaries”

  1. Stunning precision This is the second Alana Fairchild deck that I have purchased. Prior to that, I was a devoted Doreen Virtue fan. I still love a lot of her decks but I started to find that the readings with those decks weren't very accurate after several years of using them. The reason why I think this happened is because seven or eight years ago when I first started doing readings for myself, I was new to doing readings and using oracle cards. I still had some fear based on my Christian upbringing that I was...

  2. Another Winner By Alana Fairchild I have around 225 decks and I am happy to add this deck to my collection.This gorgeous deck is very rich and layered. The art is detailed and vibrant. It would be a great deck for journaling, daily draws, and a deep deck study.The cards are typical, Blue Angel Publishing size (so they larger than tarot cards) and have a matte finish. I think card stock is great and shuffles well.The guidebook is over 200 pages. Each card is broken down into sections and...

  3. I love this deck I love this deck. It arrived two days ago and I bonded with it immediately. The images are so provocative and the guide book is very "meaty" and informative. I plan on meditating and path working with this deck as well as just reading it.

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