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3 comments on “Earth, Wind And... Wait For It”

  1. When crime drama seemed too stuffy, only one man dared to stand up and say "Come on son!" and his partner replied "Suck it!" One of the few greats that got a proper ending as opposed to a cancellation. It has just enough silliness to nullify the heavy somber reality that violence and murder is. Psych is long enough to stay interesting time and time again but short enough to allow for re-watching inbetween waiting for more episodes of your current binge. James Roday and Dule Hill star as long time friends Shawn and Gus who lead their adult children lives as a psychic detective agency that often works with the Santa...

  2. "Gus, don't be a ..." If you're sick of grim, self-consciously bleak crime shows, Psych is the perfect antidote! It's an unashamedly comedic mystery with just enough splashes of reality to keep it grounded.Shawn and Gus are best friends who genuinely adore each other underneath the constant teasing and banter, and their friendship----along with Shawn's complex but increasingly stable relationship with his dad---give the show its subtle but strong heart. You have to be in the mood to laugh at the show's...

  3. ... rewatched this show 10 times and it never gets boring. The amount of jokes per is so dense ... I have rewatched this show 10 times and it never gets boring. The amount of jokes per is so dense I still keep finding ones I did not notice before.I love this show.

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