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3 comments on “Earth”

  1. A Sonic Catharsis Neil Young has created a musical masterpiece with Earth. Throughout his career he has written about the earth and made observations on our behavior here, and the effects of that behavior on our planet. With this new album he culminates all his love and concern into one epic piece. From the opening thunderclap Neil sets the stage for a storm of passionate rage that incorporates the sounds of earth with live recordings of some of his most loved songs.This recording may seem a...

  2. A Vibrant Live Recording The Promise of the Real joining forces with Neil Young has been one of the most creatively lucrative pairings of Young's solid career. This live record features highlights from their 2015 tour, which features tracks from the spot-on studio record "The Monsanto Years" and tracks from Young's back catalog that also fit the group's mindset. If you really love Neil Young, you'll really love this. Guaranteed.

  3. I am actually good with that There are more eloquent reviews here, but as a fan since the early 70's I cannot throw aspersions on Mr. Young, even though he seems to crank out a new album every year. I am actually good with that. This one, some interesting live and studio mixes with sounds of nature, is on rotation both in the home and the car. Good stuff, thought it does get a bit preachy at times.

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