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This inflatable Earth gets lots of attention for its detail from the thousands of NASA satellite photos that went into the splendid view. Yes, you can use it as a beach ball, but you'll also want it for its educational value. 16 page Global Handbook. Vinyl. 16" diameter.

Product Features

  • Size: 16" in diameter
  • NASA imagery composite of the earth
  • Play with it, learn from it
  • Satellite image composite of the surface of the Earth.

3 comments on “Earthball, Inflatable Earth Globe from satellite images, Glow in the Dark Cities”

  1. It's a beach-ball Earth, exactly as I expected. It's a photo-realistic model of the Earth as you'd see it from space, in a beach-ball format. It has noticeable seams that stick up where the printed sections have been joined, and although I blew it up to be as full and round as possible it has lost a bit of air in the past few days. If you're looking for a perfect model where you can see every little ground feature this isn't for you since the cloud cover is "realistic". If you're looking for a 16" ball to represent the Earth...

  2. Arrived with leaks. Please fix this product! This arrived with not one but TWO leaks along the seams. Clearly manufacturing defects. A patch kit was included, so I guess that means this happens a lot. You know what would be better than including a patch kit? Ship a product that isn't broken!I really wish this worked because I love the idea of a globe based on satellite pictures. It is so hard to find a globe that isn't covered in color coded countries. Those are fine for present day political geography, but what about...

  3. Misleading info on Amazon I bought this based on the information in the Amazon web page. The illustrations there show a nice round ball with no visible seams. I think they photoshopped it a bit much. The globe is more angular than round, even after two weeks inflation. And the seams are big and ugly. Ok as a toy but I wanted to use it as a globe/a representation of our Earth in space. At this it fails.

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