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The Earthquake 2 inch diameter Earth auger can be used with any of the Earthquake powerheads, to deliver the ultimate in efficiency and convenience to your outdoor projects. The fishtail point delivers maximum control at the start of your digging.

Product Features

  • CONVENIENT - Replaceable fishtail point
  • USE WITH - E43, Dually, 9800B and 9800H auger powerheads
  • DURABEL - AR400 abrasion resistant blade
  • POWERFUL - Allows you to tackle outdoor projects or heavy-duty digging jobs
  • MATERIAL - All steel construction and fits on all Earthquake powerheads

3 comments on “Earthquake EA2F Earth Auger, 2 INCH Diameter, 2-Inch”

  1. rock wasn't easy but it got the job done Exceeded expectation, went through clay and rock, rock wasn't easy but it got the job done

  2. Well Made. I have used this auger for a short time, digging about 50 holes. We are in the middle of winter with some frost in the ground, although not as deep as is customary. Even with a few inches of frost, this auger is well made and performs just as advertised, if not better. I will have a better ides of durability in six months, but for now it is meeting or exceeding my every expectation. Well made. Seems like a very quality product in my brief time using it.

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