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Earth's Best Organic Gentle Infant Formula with iron is made with easy to digest proteins, including partially hydrolyzed whey for fussiness, gas, and crying. This formula is designed for babies with sensitive stomachs, lactose tolerance issues, or difficulty digesting proteins. If you choose formula, even if just to supplement breastfeeding, this easy-to-digest infant powder formula meets all FDA requirements for infant nutrition during the first 12 months of life with the added benefit of being organic.*
The Earth's Best brand uses an organic formula that is made without prohibited synthetic pesticides and fertilizers and contain no genetically modified ingredients. This product is available in a 23.2 oz can.
*All infant formulas sold in the U.S. meet FDA requirements.

Product Features

  • An organic gentle formula for baby's first twelve months, designed for babies with sensitive stomachs or tolerance issues
  • Made from easy to digest proteins, including partially hydrolyzed whey, for fussiness, gas, and crying
  • Includes Omega-3 DHA that supports brain and eye development and water-assisted extracted DHA without the use of chemical solvents
  • Meets FDA requirements for infant nutrition* and made from milk from grass and grain fed cows
  • Certified USDA organic, Non-GMO; no potentially harmful synthetic pesticides or fertilizers

3 comments on “Earth's Best Organic Gentle Infant Formula with Iron, Easy To Digest Proteins, 23.2 Ounce”

  1. Hexane I'm a chemist and, interestingly, I've worked with the removal of hexane from powdered formula. Hexane evaporates much quicker than water (almost twice as quick) and when we put formula under air pressure via a vacuum seal, the water and hexane evaporate. If your baby formula is completely lacking liquid (which it is) when you open it, there is basically no chance of there being any hexane in it. If there is no water, no chance of even trace amounts of hexane being left. If quality control is...

  2. Corn Syrup Solids and High Fructose Corn Syrup are NOT the same Both babies have been fed this and are doing great. Btw to all the Corn Syrup reviewers—-“Corn syrup is generally only the number one ingredient in sensitive formulas. They use it because they have to have a sugar (lactose is the sugar in breastmilk and regular formulas), and babies who are sensitive to milk proteins can't have lactose. The other alternatives are much more expensive, so corn syrup is generally the choice. Corn syrup is NOT the same thing as high fructose corn syrup...

  3. If your LO has colic or reflux, Look no further I LOVVEEE this formula! Too much I think. Both of my babies have loved this stuff and had no tummy issues after switching. I tried every single type out there for baby number two before switching to this more expensive one, and she seems to have no tummy issues now that we made this final switch. No other formula holds a candle when it comes to colic, reflux, gas, or babies in pain crying. This formula is like magic. It just blows that it costs so much. But it's nice to get it in a four pack,...

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