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A wonderful adventure for all ages...Beautiful Illustrations by acclaimed Finnish artist Tuire Siiriainen.... Fly mysterious, magical rainbows with Biff the hippest beach-boy squirrel, Ululani the breathtakingly beautiful hula-dancing beach squirrel, and their Bula Bula Buddies to the mystical Shangri-La paradise of Kaimana. Here you'll mingle with fellow sea, land and air travelers from places far and wide and discuss the growing concerns and climate issues our precious Earth faces today. Cheer as Critters inspire Humans to take action, and follow the friendship of Biff and Ululani as they prepare for what will be life's biggest challenge... Let the journey begin!Adventure, romance, comedy, and a beautiful world await the reader in this first book in a new whimsical middle grade series about a group of fascinating Critters who heed the Earth's call to teach and inspire Humans to stop and reverse their harmful treatment of life. Readers will fall in love with characters both Critter and Human while being educated and inspired to help prevent the climate problems affecting all life today.

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  1. Earth's Call Journey to Paradise review Earth's Call is a fantasy fable featuring Critters who take on human characteristics in telling what is a climate-fiction story about what we are doing to our home, planet earth. It is an extremely creative and inspirational tale featuring a surfing ground squirrel named Biff, and his adventures with his friends like Merlin the dolphin, and Duke the surfing gorilla. Though a great and fun read, Earth's Call nonetheless deals with issues like plastics in the ocean and the impact it has on life...

  2. Earths Call Journey to Paradise is a pioneer in the Climate Fiction world! This book is outstanding in every way! It is witty, magical, funny, serious and to the point with today's climate concerns. The main characters will catch you by surprise and delight! A whimsical journey to save our Earth when She calls.I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a exciting, magical journey into a realm where humans have not seen or gone before.

  3. Enter into a magical world where you feel like you are a part of the journey. Such an amazing and fun journey as you fall in love and curiosity with these wise little critters. You can totally envision yourself being apart of the story. Wanting also to be a part of the bigger picture, saving the earth for critters and humans alike. I highly recommend this fun filled magical journey for all ages, saving the planet along the way.

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