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Paleoclimatology courses are growing, attracting a wide variety of students in earth and environmental sciences, geography, ecology, and related fields.  Earth's Climate: Past and Future works as either a nonmajors introduction to Earth system science or climate change, or as a majors/graduate-level overview of the processes and techniques in climate science.  Written from a multidisciplinary perspective by one of the field's preeminent researcher/instructors, the text summarizes the major lessons to be learned from 550 million years of climate changes, as a way of evaluating the climatological impact on and by humans in this century.  The book also looks ahead to possible effects during the next several centuries of fossil fuel use.

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  1. Great Climate Textbook First Edition is mildly outdated, but still contains a lot of valuable information on climate history. The author covers earth's climate from roughly 4Bya to the present, its history, changes and best guess on causation. Highly recommended reading if you are interested in climate change.

  2. Excellent! This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to have a solid understanding of past climates. It is thorough and engaging. Although designed (presumably) for college students, I enjoyed reading it as faculty, to deepen my understanding of the factors that control climate variability -- especially plate tectonics and associated chemistry. Many textbooks shy away from all the chemistry involved in climate variations. Ruddiman does it all, and does it well.

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