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3 comments on “Earth's Survival: Decoding the Science”

  1. Just the facts based on evidence. Just the facts with evidence. Nothing over-dramatized or hyped up. If you go outside, you've observed these things happening. Here's what's going on. The only thing left is to take action. A very short segment on what and how, but by now everyone has heard them and there are plenty of documentaries with that information. If you're looking for a feel-good documentary about climate change, there is no documentary with any honest scientific evidence that will do that. If you want honest...

  2. See this important, well-made urgent documentary, now! Something mysterious in the human mind seems to be blocking us from hearing this important message. But please see this well-researched and presented documentary now! Who knows why humanity delays. Let's not wait any longer! Revolution! Spread the word.

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