Elevation Earth

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Product Features

  • Full 3D interactive model of the Earth
  • Apply different levels of elevation exaggeration, providing a clearer view of the Earth's terrain
  • Alter the sea level by changing the amount of water on the Earth
  • Fully 3D animated sea level change
  • Color the land and sea with many different options, including satellite imagery, translucent sea and elevation dependent coloring
  • Tour over 300 different locations of elevation interest around the globe
  • Share you hi-res imagery with your friends via email, messages, Facebook and more

3 comments on “Elevation Earth”

  1. Excellent app This is one of the most comprehensive topography visualizers anywhere on the internet (I've been looking for a while) and it's the only one with full sea level control from the bottom of the ocean to the top of Everest. Cant wait for the whole solar system set. Get to work NASA, we need that topo data!

  2. Not happy with purchase Watched demo what i got did not match i will not concider buying other recommended apps

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