Environmental Geology: An Earth Systems Approach

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Emphasizing the interconnected nature of environmental geology and the multidimensional processes of the Earth, this highly anticipated new edition of Merritt's classic text provides a balanced approach to environmental issues and builds an informed student understanding with case studies, conceptual explanations, and relevant presentation of material. By far the most concise book for its course, it remains the only textbook to use an earth systems approach to exploring how the Earth works, the human impact on the environment, and the characteristics of different natural hazards.

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3 comments on “Environmental Geology: An Earth Systems Approach”

  1. Understanding environmental change I LOVE this book, although it is very scientific, as it is such a clearly written and understandable volume of everything about environmental changes over the eons, as well as clearly describing the effect of man on current climatic changes and global warming. (Also, my daughter is one of the authors!)

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